English Writing Course

English Writing Course @ Denk:mal

course times can be found here

Departure point:

  • Demand to improve English language skills
  • Not a language teacher, I am a writer
  • Can offer English Writing for second language learners


  • Short creative writing exercises
  • Not CV’s etc, rather fun & confidence building
  • While language structure & vocabulary fostered
  • Share within group/s to provide constructive feedback (min 3 participants)

Outcomes foci:

  • New words & synonyms
  • Simple & to the point sentences
  • Grammar adjustments
  • Communicating intention


  • 1.5hrs class 1x per week; Wednesdays from 17:30 till 19:00
  • Initial sharing: name, last thing you wrote, last thing you enjoyed writing, favourite English word and phrase, what you’d like from this course (as specific as possible)
  • All conversation conducted in English, safe space fostered


  • Class room
  • Lined paper & various colours of pens
  • Dictionaries, thesauruses, bilingual dictionaries
  • Enthusiasm & bravery beyond ‘failure’


  • Creativity and learning are well-matched partners
  • Arbitrary limits encourage creativity
  • Fact and fiction make for interesting bedfellows
  • Only you are your own harshest judge
  • We apprehend/decode/interpret/translate/observe/take in/listen/gather/absorb the world differently. There is no such thing as perfect language. Not even in one’s native language. Say what you say with feeling and intention, and let the language fall as it does. It is about seeking communication as a bridge to sharing meaning – not perfection.
  • Respect and encourage each other
  • It is perfect to be silly and imperfect
  • A story is just that
  • Be reckless on paper


  • Present and discuss the day’s exercise as a group (10 min)
  • Write first part of exercise (10 min)
  • Share and learn vocabulary (15 min)
  • Write short story (15 min)
  • Share with group
  • Group feedback (5 min each)

Ecole autonome de Berne – Autonome Schule Bern – المدرسة المستقلة ببرن – Autonomous School of Berne